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Seolgye Icons

디자인드 아이콘

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Hello and welcome stranger, you have just reached Seolgye, an icon journal that happens to be owned by Tara [mxxder]. In case any of you were wondering, "seolgye" (설계) means "design" in Korean. All things posted in this journal were created by me, myself, and I and may not be editted to your liking.

Terms of Use
♥ Comment and credit if you take anything.
♥ Do not claim/edit any of the designs.
♥ LJ use only.

Brushes: Never used.

Fonts: dafont.

Images: animepaper, destiny's embrace, google, hancinema, narusegawa, rk network, temporal-princess, we-love-anime.

Textures: Made by myself.

To become an affiliate, comment on the most recent entry.

All images (of characters, musicans, actors, actresses, etc) are copyright to their respective owners. There are no images that were scanned by myself unless stated otherwise.

-oz-, 12012, 176biz, a, afi, ai yori aoshi, akeboshi, amp, an cafe, arimura ryutaro, ayaka, betty, bi, boa, butterflies, butterfree, buzz, byul, catheline, changin' my life, charlotte, chelsea, cherry filter, clavier, clazziquai, click-b, cocco, criss angel, d'espairsray, davey havok, daylight, death note, deathgaze, deflina ma'riage, dir en grey, dollis marry, dong bang shin gi, doremidan, duel jewel, elfen lied, exist†trace, fly to the sky, fruits basket, g.o.z vii, gazette, gechena, gift, girugamesh, god, golf & mike, gravitation, h.naoto, harvest moon, hated, heart, heo young saeng, hwanhee, ikimono gakari, inuyasha, jigoku shoujo, k, kagrra, kangta, kdrama, kiss, kurt, kwon sang woo, kyo, kyuuketsuki hime miyu, lee jun ki, lee minwoo, lee soo young, leonardo dicaprio, lolita23q, loveholic, luvie, m to m, manhwa, marusa, matsumoto hideto, misono, miyavi, music, my chemical romance, nakashima mika, nana, nega, nell, news, nishikido ryo, no minwoo, noel, nogod, novasonic, otsuka ai, panic channel, peace maker kurogane, peterpan complex, piyo piyo, plastic tree, putumayo, remioromen, rentrer en soi, rurouni kenshin, rurutia, s, sadie, san-x, sanrio, screw, seo taiji, sex pot revenge, sg wannabe, shelly trip realize, shin hyesung, shinhwa, snow, soroban, south korea, spiral ~suiri no kizuna~, ss501, suicide ali, super junior, super junior t, superlovers, sweet sorrow, tanemura arina, tara, tare panda, tennis no oujisama, terachi shinya, the red jumpsuit apparatus, trax, un, unsraw, vidoll, visual kei, vivienne westwood, wat, watase yuu, wheesung, wolf's rain, younha, yui, , , , , ,